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8 Easy Pieces Series (4 of 5)

Remember, fashion is your greatest tool for personal expression! You can read this weeks blog on why that is... one hint is a first impression takes exactly 7 seconds. Your first impression is being made with non-verbally.

This video is number 4 of 5 short videos on how to construct an "8 Easy Pieces" module. This is a tool that I created in my early years as a fashion buyer traveling monthly to NYC. The task of representing the top designers in the industry, during short 2 week trips where I had to pack in one small suitcase all I needed to attend a range of business and social events.

Since, I have shared this tool with my clients, and finally wrote many of the tips in an E-book, "8 Easy Pieces," at link: However, you will learn most of what you need to know in creating your very own module here in the 50FashionForward VLOG.

The next and final video in this series will show you how it all comes together in an extended fashion of endless options. When you see the math of multiple of outfits, you will be amazed. You will probably never shop for the same items in the same way again, instead you will be looking for 8 Easy Pieces items that have options to serve you best.

Note: If you haven't already, you really must go to the "Seven Steps to Finding Your Best Colors."  You want to be sure your module items are in colors that enhance your best coloring and features. Once you have those selected, in the future the new series will cover how to match your clothing to your body type.

 Why do this? I want you to be more effective in your presentation. After many years of amazing experience in fashion, and so much time and energy invested in serving my babyboomer women, I am completely motivated internally to share these tools with each of you.  It is my personal mission to use my knowledge and expertise to empower women. If you apply these concepts to your personal clothing choices, you will get more positive results on your sphere of influence: professionally, socially, and with those nearest and dearest to your heart. 

8 Easy Pieces Series(2 of 5)

Fashion is our greatest tool for personal expression. Therefore, building a wardrobe that is an asset is quite an accomplishment. This entire website, BLOGs, VLOGs, are being created as wardrobing and stylist tools to help you do this effectively, for yourself.

This second video of the series focuses on items #3 and #4 of the module. Yes, it's time to decide on your next two favorite pieces of your fashion module. At the end on the 5th video which will be posted in the next couple weeks... This will all come together. You will be amazed at how many different outfits and options you can have with the right module of only 8, 10, 12 pieces that work together. 

This video shows the next two for a particular travel module example from a recent trip. This module is made up of viscose/lycra/nylon knits, silk pieces and accessories, and cashmere wool/silk wraps. They are all seasonless, all washable, and take up little space in a carry on for travel. All important things to consider in your shopping!

Hope you are practicing this valuable wardrobing tool. Being more effective in our pursuits enhances the journey.

Its here! I'm so excited to share this wrap up video (5 of 5). It includes the 8 Easy Pieces (8EP) module completed to show just how many different outfits you can have with the right 8 pieces and a few accessories. (module is downloadable at

Use this tool for travel or for building your wardrobe. This example includes comfortable casuals to evening separates, complete with wraps, jewelry, and shoes. It all fits in a carry on for travel. The silk scarves and kimono took no room at all in the suitcase, but extended the options by multiples.

This system originally evolved for me back in my travel days as a designer buyer and merchandiser making the monthly trek to NYC. There were appointments, designer shows, broadway plays, visits the Metropolitan Museum on the weekends, and many meet and greet events and dinners, both dressy and casual. Since each trip began with an early Monday morning flight landing in Manhattan, having a carry on bag was critical to me by-passing baggage claim area altogether. I was able to go straight to a cab and get into the city on time for appointments. Over time, this process continued to be perfected.  My fashion choices were completely influenced which changed shopping decisions forever!

I encourage you to use this fashion tool. Its efficient and offers a filter of influence for future fashion buying decisions as well as helping you evaluate your current closets. 

8 Easy Pieces fashion tool is only a means to an end. It's most important that you choose your critical 8, 10, 12, etc pieces that serve you best in terms of being able to present your best self. For example,  if you use the 7 Steps to Your BEST Color tool, and the future video on body matching, you will be well on your way to creating your best first impression to empower you in all you are trying to accomplish where other people are involved. All of these fashion tools will be added to this video channel and can be found in Karen's e-book "8 Easy Pieces" at

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Special Thank You to my wonderful baby brother - Bill Harris, who is amazing talent!

Video editing: Bill Harris:

8 Easy Pieces Series (1 of 5)

Since first impressions are critical to navigating with others successfully, fashion is our greatest tool for personal expression. 

What to wear? What to buy? What to pack? Making these decisions on the clothing that presents your personal best is the purpose of the 50FashionForward VLOG. The information used in the video series is from "8 Easy Pieces" ebook. 

This video is a quick first in a series to help you  build a wardrobe that will be one of your greatest assets. Using an 8EP personal module, you will quickly get the idea.  Start your module with the "the why. "  Why do you need to present your best self? Your reasons will move to you to "the what" and "the when." For example are you starting a new job? Traveling to a reunion? Attending a special event? or A family gathering? 

This has been a valuable tool for me, and so many of my clients over the years. I hope it will be a new fashion tool for you.

The series is 5 separate quick videos. The last one is where we will have fun with the math. You will be amazed at just how many fashion options you will have with the 8EP module. You will never shop the same way again!

8 Easy Pieces Series (3 of 5)

This is step three in how to build your personal best wardrobe module using 8EasyPieces approach from Karen's e-book "8 Easy Pieces" at Link: You are not limited to 8 pieces, however, this tool will help you create for yourself a wardrobe that can become one of your greatest assets!

After this you should now have selected 3 tops and 3 bottom pieces that will all go together.The information used in the video series is from "8 Easy Pieces" ebook. 

In the video I am showing one of my modules that I use often just as an example. Yours can be a work out module, career dressing, family casual, anything that fits your lifestyle needs! Enjoy.

"Fashion is our greatest tool for personal expression" ~ Karen