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Mathis is a passionate entrepreneur. She enjoys creating and building at the start-up phase and teaches on the subject. Her fashion merchandising and marketing career exposed her to large and small scale private corporate operations, including owning her own fashion businesses. 

Mathis is a lifelong learner, completed a Masters of Science in Executive Leadership MSEL, at University San Diego in May 2016. The MSEL program has been such a unique learning experience. Her views of leadership have been completely transformed. A major influence of MSEL is the alliance of The Ken Blanchard Companies, adding a great benefit of gaining established tools, and real-world leadership techniques.

Being a Baby-Boomer, Mathis understands the fashion challenges of the women 50+.  Although she has a passion to help all women, her career has focused primarily on serving the Baby Boomer market, which provided important insights.  

She is married with three daughters and lives in San Diego, CA. Her personal mission is to use her knowledge and expertise to empower women. She consults, teaches, and writes. You can find her eBooks at Fashion Buyer, Darling Where’s Your Wrap, and 8 Easy Pieces. Her latest project is the video blog "VLOG"  50FashionForward.