50 Fashion Forward

The ASCOT Scarf 

Fashion History Note: The Ascot was first worn at the Ascot Heath races in the late 1800s. It replaced the cravat (original scarf). Although the original was gray with pointed ends, it was the beginning of the many variations in color and size of scarves today.

Since fashion is our greatest tool for personal expression, accessorizing with scarves can be an easy tool for you to differentiate your own personal style.

This scarf idea polishes and softens classic separates. 

The Bustier and The Asymmetrical Bow

Fashion is your greatest tool for personal expression!
This is another idea for using a scarf to express personality and style. I call it "bustier"  (boos-tyey) from the French word meaning close fitting and strapless.
TIP: Use this idea on top of a silk jersey a-line tank, unless you're brave enough to show midriff.
TIP:You can add a wrap to cover your arms.

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