Frame the Face - 2 

Why frame the face? For better results.
No matter who your audience, loved ones or clients, being the best you can be is a great standard to set.
This is one small way to enhance your effectiveness. It is also one of many wardrobe tools for you to use for a more effective presentation.

How To Tie a SARONG Skirt

This is such an underused wrap. We sometimes use it for the beach, which is a goo thing. However, it can be a serious evening dress or long skirt. The challenge is finding the right dimensions for flexibility. 

TIP: Next time your find a piece of beautiful silk print, keep this idea in mind. 

3 EASY Ways to Tie an OBLONG Scarf

These are my three favorites. On a recent trip to Spain, using the "8 Easy Pieces" strategy for packing and building my trip wardrobe, everything fit in a Euro carryon. I had outfits for days and realized after two weeks, I still hadn't used all the packed pieces. Try these three fashion wrap ideas on your next trip. Take a stack of favorite silk wraps in your best colors. They will extend options, yet take so little space in your suitcase!


After speaking with the ultimate Hat designer, Angie Schultz, with Attitudes by Angie, Karen shares tips on choosing your Kentucky Derby Hat.
Hat in video is from the Angie Schultz Attitudes Collection of one of a kind Derby Hats.
Note: We will have Angie on as a special guest in May - June.

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