Who's Looking at Midriff?

This is one of my favorite scarf knots! It's so easy!
Using an oblong scarf, this is a short cut to a single knot for a slimmer elongated effect.
The eye is drawn to the knot and then to the face to frame the face as another way to enhance your appearance.
TIP: The knot shouldn't fall below the top of the bust.
The rest of the scarf flows over the midriff and tummy if its long enough thus the title of this video, "Who's Looking at Midriff." 

High & Low Bows 

Fashion is our greatest tool for personal expression.
Bows can be a natural way to enhance!
The low bow is an attractive way to add drama to a low neckline (décolleté).
Adding a big splash of color at the neck completely changes the chemistry of the look.
TIP: Fabrication can help determine evening or day, however many of the evening rules have relaxed.  Silk still expresses quality standards. Bright colors still express creativity and personality.

Frame the Face 

This simple concept of framing the face can be empowering. Just think of a masterpiece painting on your wall, without a frame. It might be completely overlooked. When the frame is added and spotlights, it becomes a visual focal point. This video is shot from La Jolla, CA with a quick drive through intro. It is full of tips for framing the face with a silk scarf to drive home the messages of quality, sophistication, and what is above this silk is very important!

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