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Meet Courtney!

She is a very impressive role model who started her career right out of college with one of the top, and best possible companies, Ken Blanchard Companies. Courtney is a true leader in her professional life, and she happens to be a beautiful person inside and out.

Purple is one of her favorite colors. For her color palette, it is powerful and energizes.

She started the idea for this top with color first, in selecting what we designed for her in this design collaboration. It enhances her personal best, and supports her presence.

It is indeed a great item in which to build an 8 Easy Pieces module for her wardrobe:

  • It will go with a long skirt and stole for dressy formal
  • It can go with a cocktail length skirt and jewelry for semi formal
  • It is perfect with business tailored separates for professional
  • It is dynamic with jeans for casual

These are the options you also want to have in each of your wardrobe items: quality fabrics, versatility, silhouette to match your body type, colors to enhance your best features, packable for travel, and ease of care.

Thanks for sharing Courtney!

Meet Mary!

If this is your first vista to 50FashionForward, you may not know the Meet and Greet section is completely impromptu! Mary was not prepped for an interview... she was just asked to quickly be introduced.

Since I have been able to get to know Mary in the 22 months together in a Masters of Science in Executive Leadership at University of San Diego, I have learned a bit about her lifestyle.

She is an amazing bright and professional women, in that stage of balancing work/family.  Very impressed at how she manages to do an ultimate job at both.

If you read my e book or watched the VLOG, you have heard me say, "Fashion is our greatest tool for personal expression," and there is a reason. What does our style say about us at work? Is there a disconnect in what we think we are presenting versus the perception others have of us?

While dressing for work is less formulaic than in past years, there is still so much room personal expression.

Mary shared one her most important pieces to her wardrobe and it happens to be a great example of the 1st step in the 8 Easy Pieces Module, a fashion tool for building a wardrobe that can be one of your greatest assets. (See that series here on or at VLOG.

Thanks again Mary!

Nothing says elegance and expresses quality like pearls! Mary shares with us that she is never without them... sounds like a great idea.  Looking at fashion icons for baby boomer women, we see Jacquelyn Kennedy-Onassis as one of those women who knew how to use fashion accessories as tools for expressing her personal style. 


While on the subject and since two Southern girls have put them at the top of their fashion accessories, let's delve deeper on what pearls represent. It's fun to look at folklore, myths, and religion for a bit of history on this beautiful accessory.


They are said to symbolize wisdom acquired through experience, and some believe they attract wealth and luck. Some say they offer protection and keep children safe. We have heard they symbolize purity which is why they go hand in hand with brides and religion. They also symbolize generosity, and integrity, of which our Mary Singleton has an abundance. 

  • Early Chinese civilization considered black pearls to be formed within a dragon's head... which at maturity were carried between the dragon's teeth. This meant the dragon had to be slayed to collect the pearls.
  • The ancient Japanese believed pearls were created from the tears of mythical creatures, such as mermaids, nymphs, and angels.
  • Persian legend has pearls created from a rainbow meeting the earth after a storm.
  • Ancient Egyptians prized them. Cleopatra reportedly drank a dissolved pearl to show Mark Anthony that she could devour the wealth of an entire nation in just one gulp!(