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50 Fashion Forward


If you had to choose 1 favorite fashion item from your closet, what would it be? A dress, handbag, suede boots? Than ask yourself "why" is it your favorite?  You may learn something that can be of use in future buying decisions.

I had no idea what Susie was going to choose until minutes before we taped our session. In reviewing her choice, there are clues as to why this may have been her 1st choice which can give us insights into our own buying decisions:  1. Quality Fabric: Fabric on this particular dress was imported from Italy, silk charmeuse lined in China silk.  2. Style: A classic dress silhouette in novelty fabric (Usually a lasting combination). 3. Personal Best Color: The color happens to be one of Susie's best colors based on her complexion, and eye color (See Find Your Colors VLOG) 4. Stand alone: The print and wrap are unique and special to express her personality.. She's a one of a kind and certainly doesn't want to see herself coming and going at a gala or big event. These ideas can easily be applied to YOU and your next purchase. No matter if it's a new spring t-shirt or gala outfit, use your wardrobe building tools to express your personal best self with your fashion choices and enjoy the process!.


It was such fun catching up with a friend from high school. We met up in Midway, Kentucky! Home of Midway University.  Lots of great reflection and time to discuss fashion... of course! This Southern gal has raised her family, spent time living, loving, and enjoying her life. Thanks Dawn Carol for sharing!


Before we meet Susan, I just want to point out the real reason for the Meet and Greet part of this 50FashionForward VLOG.  In my Masters of Science Executive Leadership program, (BTW graduation is in another week!) I have learned so much from so many. It was in the very first and last classes we had Susan's and Drea Zigarmi sharing their brilliance on Leadership. The book Leadership Within, is loaded with new tools for understanding and realization. In the last class they shared even more brilliance with the class of which some of the concepts are in Susan's new book, Why Motivating People Doesn't Work... and What Does.  I knew Susan would have a good tip for us as she always looks pulled together and polished. I grabbed her at the break and asked her for a couple quick minutes... no advanced planning for these Meet and Greet videos... we want pure unrehearsed opinions where the true insights are to be found.

Meet Susan Fowler, a very special woman on the go! She teaches, coaches, consults, and travels the globe. Since she is so active, I thought it would be fun to hear how she answers the question of what is her favorite fashion item. She has an interesting perspective on accessorizing and shopping. Enjoy as she shares her fashion idea of what works for her, with us!


There is so much to learn from one another. This "Meet & Greet" section is an impromptu VLOG. Never staged or preplanned. That is the gift for us... real answers from the heart from real women.

Meet Nora Shoen, a talented women who has had her creative work in writing and a proud mother of two grown children, one of which I have met and is very talented musician, Alexa Shoen.

 Nora was on a trip to Spain last year, where our USD MSEL Cohort studied Global Leadership. Words cannot describe how much fun we all had together and what a great learning experience it was for all. Nora was perfecting her Spanish and I do remember hearing about some pretty cool Flamingo dance classes she took there.

I had no idea what brilliance Nora would share with us, but I loved her answers and tips. Enjoy!