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Recently, I had a great meet and greet with a new friend,Terri Ghio, of Perfectly.Me

She has created a line of clothing for women 40+ that is washable, packable, and comes in 30 colors! Yes, 30 colors! She also has a few style evaluation tools such as "Style Personality Quiz," on her website as a free service. www.Perfectly.Me

As you have seen in my videos, my favorite fashion color is black (with bright accessories), however, know when we can wear colors that enhance our best features, it creates exciting results. Terri is a big believer in color, and she says she prefers "Little BEST Dress" to "Little Black Dress." There were several "must have" features in her new line of clothing, Perfectly.Me, one being comfort and another being completely washable. Of course we are traveling and lead busy lives so also important are, packable and looks that offer flexibility. Not sure how you feel about lined garments, but personally I prefer linings where possible. Perfectly.Me has several items including pants with double fabrics creating linings. Don't we love the safety of a nice lining on hot summer days?. Having that extra layer creates a richer drape and a look of a more solidly constructed garment, overall.

When choosing knits, there is the question whether the knit can be dressed up or down. For example, cotton knit, a casual only knit, while practical and comfortable, will eventually fade, and looks silly with a fancy diamond necklace. There are other knits, however, that can be used for casual daytime, and can have that necklace and a silk wrap added for dress up. Perfectly.Me uses such a knit. 

Currently, Terri works by appointment and all orders are custom orders. once you know your size and colors, online shopping will be easy. You can contact her for an appointment at her website! It's a lot of fun to see the endless possibilities. I ordered my first outfit from Perfectly.Me and look forward to getting it in the next couple weeks. I will be sure to let you know how it works!

This video is a quick impromptu of Terri's pics for her 8 Easy Pieces Module.  Enjoy!