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The BEST Ankle Pant

Why is this pant my 1st choice for a "must have" basic? 1. Fabric offers versatility and easy care.  Why versatile? Because the texture can be dressed up or down. Easy care because it can easily be machine or hand washed. For travel, this is a dream. 2. The shape is perfect. It is a perfect slim leg pant that is quite different from leggings. It offers a sophisticated slim silhouette that looks great with flats or heels. Because of the texture it can work well with other knits or dressy silks.

This pant is $168 retail at and "no, they are not paying me." It is sometimes offered in navy, white, charcoal, green and usually can be found in the line in black.

I learned about this pant when I worked as an Eileen Fisher specialist at Nordstrom in San Diego.

My black ones are going on 4 years now and they look like new! I admit I do not put them in the dryer as heat ages most fabrics.

Another great benefit is less knee bulge in this fabric. If the knees bulge at all, just hang them upside down so the weight of the pant will straighten the knit weave back in place.

Hope you love them as I have!
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